Engagements Gone Wild!



Engagement Gone Wild


I promise you that when it comes to your engagement ring, I do my part. But after I help you find or create that perfect engagement ring, I have to let you go into the wild and trust that the Jewelry Fairy will guide you to a perfect, memorable proposal that is worthy of your beloved. I absolutely love when clients send me pictures and videos of their magical moment. It just reinforces the love I have for what I do but over the years, I have collected some stories of engagements gone wild! Jewelry flying through the air, diamonds rings lost forever in Hawaiian sands  “Uh, I forgot something” proposals.  Missed cues. Hidden clues, and hostages. Not everyone’s story is magical perfection, and I’m here to spill the details.

I will start with a rather tame example of a botched proposal and work up to the tales of the engagement battlefield. To begin, one nice young man bought his love a four-carat, fancy light yellow, GIA Certified, cushion cut diamond, a true sparkler of an engagement ring. This diamond was so brilliant, I’ll never forget it. The problem is, he did when he went to propose! The champagne was poured and the candles glowed.  He got down on one knee.  He reached in his pocket for the box…and no box!  Box at home in the safe!  No ring. Not the best start, but it worked out fine. 

Next, this story all began like a storybook on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our prospective groom had swaying palm trees, a crystal blue sky and a gentle sea as his backdrop when he proposed to a lovely Tennessee native, who was so overjoyed by him and the beauty of her new diamond ring that she immediately put on her new sparkler and jumped up and down enthusiastically on the beach and promptly lost the ring in the sand. Like lost forever. Forever!  It was never found!   Know when you buy an engagement ring from Green Hills Diamond Brokers, we do prepare an appraisal for you, and we expect you to use that appraisal to insure your ring against loss. And be sure to come see me after you propose to make sure the engagement ring is not too loose. That’s why we keep our jewelers so busy, so you can jump up and down in your engagement ring and it won’t fall off!  

Acrimony or matrimony?  After the engagement, prenuptial talk often begins. You know, hope for the best, plan for the worst. A sophisticated couple, whom we shall call Ann and Bob, decided to marry, and the attorney advised Bob to protect his considerable assets with a prenup.  A little background here, Ann did get a beautiful ring, but the center stone was one Bob had in his family and may have used it once or twice before. Tacky! In any event, a prenup legally requires that both parties have to fully disclose their assets. No cheating, kids. Her attorney did some investigating and found that Ann’s beloved Bob, was not fully disclosing his assets, not by a long shot. Bad Bob! The court granted Ann permission to enter Bob’s primary residence, a mansion in Beverly Hills, for one hour with a team of appraisers to get an idea of his assets and ole Bob was not allowed to be on the premises during the process. Appraisers scurried around the mansion, frantically taking photos, taking measurements and notes. Ann followed the personal property appraiser who was shooting pictures and writing. She picked up a colorful lamp, “What does this Tiffany lamp sell for,?” she asked the appraiser. “About 

$125,000”  he said. "And this bowl?”  “Oh, that’s a Lalique, about $13,400. Give or take,” he said. This went on. And on. The Dali. The Warhol etc.

Ann was so angry with Bob’s blatant dishonesty that she picked up a Lalique sculpture from a shelf and threw it at a mirror. Crystal is heavy. Smash. She took a Sevres porcelain vase and threw it! Not only did it break beyond recognition, it almost beheaded an appraiser as he dove under the dining table. Then she swept Limoges boxes and figurines off the side tables. Crash. It was a little league game and Ann was pitching. The team of appraisers was hiding under the dining table, staying as low as possible, crawling to the front entrance to escape as Ann delivered her last pitch, that being her recycled engagement ring. “Bye-bye, engagement,” she said.  “Bye-bye, Bob.” Not such a happy ending but perhaps it was for the best!

Last but not least is a story about a nice guy named John. John wanted a grand proposal but being young and in school, he didn’t have the extra cash to spend to take Jessica anywhere so he got creative. John had a friend named Mickey who had an ice cream truck. This particular ice cream truck had a setting where, instead of happy, kid-friendly music,  it sounded like a herd of angry wild zoo animals let loose on the street. This wild noise definitely triggered the natural human fight or flight response: stop dead in your tracks or run for your life! John had set it up to where Jessica was at her parent's home with her friends. Mickey drove the ice cream truck with John in it as his grand entrance into Jessica’s parent’s neighborhood blaring the terrifying animal stampede! All of the neighbors ran outside to see if zebras, elephants, giraffes, and lions had taken over the neighborhood. When the truck stopped outside her parent's house and the angry zoo animals were turned off, John got down on one knee and proposed right there with a beautiful round solitaire in the front yard to Jessica in front of her parents, friends, and all of the neighbors. No wild animals!  

Love is a powerful emotion and materializing that emotion in the physical earth plane by gifting diamond jewelry is the ultimate way of symbolizing your love for someone. That’s why you can now go to our NEW WEBSITE and view our crazy selection of diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry at broker prices!  Whether you’re planning for a wild engagement or a more traditional one, at Green Hills Diamond Brokers, we’ll help you prepare every step of the way for your perfect proposal. www.greenhillsdiamondbrokers.com              


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