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Green Hills Diamond Brokers is family owned and operated. We are your premier diamond engagement ring and fine jewelry broker located in Nashville, TN.​​​​​​​

Green Hills Diamond Brokers is family owned and operated by David and Jennifer Michaeli. David is a second generation diamond broker from Israel, who grew up in his parent’s diamond cutting factory in Tel Aviv and received a hands-on, from the ground up diamond education. He studied how his father and uncles would take rough stones and polish them into faceted diamonds of all shapes and sizes. David then traveled throughout Europe and the US selling millions of dollars worth of diamonds to stores and wholesalers. His worldwide connections remain strong to this day. 
Jennifer Michaeli, a Nashville native, studied gemology at the International Diamond Exchange in Israel and worked in Tel Aviv selling diamonds and fine jewelry to their clients from all over the world. Her clients inspire her! She loves to help people’s visions come to life by designing unique pieces for them. Jennifer also enjoys writing informative articles on the diamond industry, jewelry trends,and gemstones for media publications.
In 2015, they were excited to learn of the extensive growth of Nashville, Jennifer’s hometown, and decided to return to Tennessee and bring all their knowledge and experience in the diamond and fine jewelry industry with them. Their vast experience translates into an exceptional, intimate experience for you, different than anything you will find at any other jeweler in Tennessee. Maybe that’s why some of their clientele include music industry movers and shakers, professional athletes, and entertainers. Now, you have the opportunity to use Green Hills Diamond Brokers for all your diamond and fine jewelry needs too! They take a practical, more relaxed approach with their clients. When you walk through their door, you are welcomed into their private offices to sit down with them, one-on-one.  Maybe you’d like to take a step back and learn more about the world of diamonds? By educating you and sharing the “mysteries” of the diamond industry, how quality impacts cost, you will be able to make an informed choice without pressure or anxiety. Their number one priority is to ensure that their clients get the best value for their money. Visit them today and see how much you can save by going to Nashville’s Premier Diamond Broker.

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