GIA Certified Diamonds

What You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Diamond


What Are GIA Certified Diamonds?

GIA or The Gemological Institute of America, developed the Four C’s and is recognized as the world’s foremost authority in diamond grading. At Green Hills Diamond Brokers our diamonds have passed the tests and come with a GIA certification certificate.

Diamond Grading 600Px


What Are The 4 C's?


​​​​​​​Gem A 1 40x40 Cut

The GIA Cut Scale Ranges From Excellent to Poor.

GIA provides a cut quality grade for standard round brilliant diamonds that fall in the GIA D-to-Z color range.

Polished diamond’s beauty lies in its complex relationship with light, how light strikes the surface, how much enters the diamond and how, and in what form light returns to your eye.

The result is a magnificent display of attributes. Brightness is the combination of all white light reflecting from the surface and interior of a diamond. Fire describes the “flares” of color emitted from a diamond. Scintillation describes the flashes of light you see when the diamond, the light or the observer moves.

Cut Scale 2A 600x113


Gem A 1 40x40 Color

Diamonds are graded by color, starting at D and ending at Z. The less color a diamond has, the more valuable it is.

Diamond Color 1 600x248

Gem A 1 40x40 Clarity

The size, location, and number of inclusions a diamond has determines its clarity grade and cost.

Clarity 01 600x349

Gem A 1 40x40 Carat

Diamond carat weight is often thought to be the size of a diamond. However, it is the measurement of how much a diamond weights.

Carat Size 600x278

How Do I Determine My Budget?

Sample Price Ranges:

Gem A 1 40x40 1.0 Carat $3000 – $10,000

Gem A 1 40x40 1.5 Carat  $5,000 – $20,000

Gem A 1 40x40 2.0 Carat $7,000 – $30,000

Gem A 1 40x40 3.0 Carat $13000 – $50,000

Gem A 1 40x40 4.0 Carat  $20,000 – $75,000

Gem A 1 40x40 5.0 Carat $30,000 and up

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Gem A 1 40x40 Lifetime Upgrade On Your Diamond

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